Take a European City Break With Virgin Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 02/01/2010 15:38

Did you know that Virgin Bingo V*Points are worth their weight in gold? If you didn’t now is the time to find out, because this online bingo site has one of the best loyalty points systems I have ever seen. Members earn these points for depositing and playing, and are also given them as special prizes in chat games or other promotions. Members with a cash balance in their accounts are also entitles to a free Necker Island scratch card daily and this could win you up to £500. But back to V Points!

There is a list of the games you can play at Virgin Bingo and the amount of point you earn for every £100 wagered. Play on a Friday and when they have other special offers available and you can earn double V*Points, even some of the free bingo games you play allow you to earn these so they soon add up. Your V*Points can be exchanged for Virgin Atlantic Flying Miles and if you collect enough of these you could fly to New York (45 000 VP’s), Las Vegas (50 000VP’s), Dubai (60 000 VP’s) and even Hong Kong.

If you want a break in a European City and you are a UK player at Virgin Bingo, it costs you 1250 V*POINTS to redeem a return flight to Rome, Barcelona or many other cities. I have never heard of such good value for loyalty. Take this into account 1 V*Point = 1p in terms of redemption value, so your air ticket will in effect only cost £12.50!! Now if you think that you can get better value for money than this at any other online bingo site, I will eat my lucky bingo hat, and remember you earn your points as one of the benefits of playing so they are in effect free.

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