Supergran Bingo Caller Caught on Camera Whacking Robbers

Supergran Bingo Caller Caught on Camera Whacking Robbers

Written by: kelly on 13/02/2011 12:05

A Northampton bingo caller has won nationwide acclaim for fending off armed thieves planning to rob a jewellery store.

Young Thieves with Weapons no Match for a Bingo Caller with a Bag

71 year old Northampton bingo caller Ann Timson was minding her own business a few days ago when she saw a group of youths causing a disturbance. Thinking that someone was being attacked she decided to intervene, racing across the street to confront them while armed only with her trusty handbag.

Once she realised that the criminals were trying to steal goods from a jewellery store in broad daylight this made her “even more angry” and she started whacking them with her bag, catching at least four of them as they tried to smash the window of the store.

Incredibly, the would be robbers decided that the so called Supergran was too much for them, despite the fact that they were armed with bats, and fled the scene of the attempted robbery on scooters with their tails firmly between their legs. The whole thing was captured on camera and has been getting passed around the internet ever since.

Local Deputy Chief Constable, Suzette Davenport was quick to praise the bingo caller’s bravery, although she also pointed out the “clear element of risk” which she had run during her exploits.

As well as being a bingo caller, Ann Timpson is also heavily involved in community work in her local area and is well known for her bravery and social conscience in keeping her estate clear of drugs and prostitution.

Four suspects from the London area have been charged with the attempted robbery.

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