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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 28/11/2009 18:48

It is now well over 2 years since the Sun Bingo moved from the Tombola Bingo software platform to Gamsys, and judging by the success Tombola have enjoyed in the meantime, I am not altogether sure this has been a good thing. But The Sun Bingo hasn’t done too shabbily either on the new gaming platform and now Gamesys has something tangible to its benefit to really crow about in the gaming industry.

Gamesys takes a billion pounds worth of bets annually from its bingo and other gaming operations and this is a great deal of money, as well as a huge amount of information passing through any system. To stay on top of things they have to be able to analyse all the data which passes through their systems and monitor it in order to improve services to punters and operators and this is a mammoth task. In just a year they have managed to recover all the costs involved in a huge data-warehouse project by replacing their own data analytics system with a system which was customized by IBM for them.

This has cut the time taken for analyzing this data from 24 hours to a mere 30 minutes, and this provides all the information necessary to tailor all its websites to suit the need of the player and the owner. Essentially this means in a fraction of the time, they can tell what the customers of each site want, if a winning streak is a bug and all kinds of things.

Huge volumes of money transfers taking place simultaneously means that waiting 24 hours for analytics reports does not mean you are on top of things and exposes sites to security flaws.

In the meantime, if you want to have some very safe and secure online bingo fun at the Sun, go ahead, register today. You will receive a free £10 voucher to spend at more than 80 retail outlets, just register and spend £2 to qualify.

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