Sun Bingo £1,000 Linked Games and New Look Bingo 80

Sun Bingo £1,000 Linked Games and New Look Bingo 80

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 18/02/2011 09:05
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The Sun Bingo site is always a great place to play some bingo and get hold of some top promotions. And now this is even more true than ever before.

Bigger Prizes and New Features

First off, we will have a look at the Sun Bingo linked games, as these now include nightly sessions with a cracking £1,000 in prize money each time. They start at 9pm each evening, with games following on at 9.30pm and 10pm. You just need to go to the site’s Bingo 90 option to take part and have a chance of winning big time.

Bingo 80 Cool Make-Over.....

Next, there’s a cool new look for the Bingo 80 section of the Sun Bingo site. You were previously restricted to just four bingo boards, but this has now been boosted to eight, and the progressive jackpot has multiplied too.  As the jackpot is now at an impressive £500!

If you are tight for time then Bingo 80 now offers the exciting prospect of an hour of 30 lightning fast Bingo 80 games from 9am to 10am, 1pm to 2pm and 11pm to the stroke of midnight.

Last on this Sun Bingo round up is 'We Love Ton Up Bingo'. This game has guaranteed prizes of £100 and until Sunday the 20th of Feb in the Fashion Club players can try to win a ton of money. The action kicks off at 7pm each night.

Apart from these games and promotion, new comers to the site can still get their whopping 200% welcome bonus to get them started. This means that if you put down a tenner you get to play with £30.

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