Streatham Bingo Player Left Reeling After She Was Refused £500 Bingo Win

Streatham Bingo Player Left Reeling After She Was Refused £500 Bingo Win

Written by: Richard Sharp on 02/10/2011 12:30

A bingo hall in Streatham has come under fire after a local woman was refused her bingo winnings, according to a report by the Streatham Guardian newspaper. The winnings weren’t small either, the player lost out on a potential £500 win.

Julia Barrett was playing at he local Beacon Bingo hall on Streatham Hill on Sunday 25th September. After checking off her numbers she called house, fellow players close to her heard her call clearly, but the caller did not.

Instead of acknowledging her win the bingo caller continued with the game, by that time the jackpot had been and gone.

Mrs Barrett was clearly distressed by the incident, in an interview with the paper she said,"I am crying inside. If that is the way it is going to be, I am not going back because I am wasting my time and my money. I have never won £500 in my life. I am so sick."

The manager of the bingo hall reiterated the responsibility of the player, he said,"Obviously she is not very happy, but it happens nearly every week. The onus is on the player – she or he has to be loud and clear." This statement seems to adhere to the known rules, however another comment offered further insight.

"My colleague told me she didn’t shout on time. Although a lot of people around her heard, the caller has to hear the claim”, Mr Bhikoo explained. Which seems a little odd. Was she not loud enough or did she not call in time? Either way on this occasion it seems that the house has the stronger case.

Beacon Bingo has extended an invitation for a free game of bingo. It’s not known whether Mrs Barrett will take them up on their offer.  

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