Start Your Engines, Wink Bingo's Fourth Win a Mini Game includes Free Tickets!

Start Your Engines, Wink Bingo's Fourth Win a Mini Game includes Free Tickets!

Written by: kelly on 25/10/2011 09:05
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Wink bingo has a great reputation in the UK, as not only do they offer top notch bingo but also dream up some of the best promotions around. Take their Win a Mini promotion for example, which has been running for the last three years. Surely they wouldn’t do it again would they? Oh yes they would and just like before tickets for the game will be free!


Happy New Mini!

The win a Mini game will play on New Years day at 8pm in the evening with the grand prize being awarded to the full house winner. A playoff will be held should more than one player win the full house, after all it wouldn’t be easy or practical to split a mini two or more ways!

A Fiver a ticket, or collect them for free?

Players will have the decision of either paying £5 per ticket or collecting points to trade in for free tickets. We’d know which sounds better to us, and suggest you too would prefer some free tickets.

A ticket for the game is awarded for every 500 mini points collected before 19th December with a quick 100 points available for simply emailing in a picture of your current car, presumably the more worse for wear the better! You can also earn 50 points for posting the reason you deserve the Mini on the Wink Bingo Facebook wall.

Naturally, other points can be won by playing bingo with 5 points being awarded for wins on the Mini Wink pattern. You’ll also receive 1 pion for every £1 wagered on bingo cards and 1 point for every £20 spent on instant games.

Three out of three winners from past events have won the Mini with a free ticket, which just goes to show the system works! 

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by: Polly over 10 years ago
It would be amazing if the Mini was actually pink, that would be my dream come true.