Start Collecting Free Tickets for 888 Ladies £2K Halloween Howler

Start Collecting Free Tickets for 888 Ladies £2K Halloween Howler

Written by: Richard Sharp on 12/09/2011 09:05
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The summer may only just be coming to an end but it’ll soon be time to start thinking about other celebrations which occur in autumn, and dare we say it winter! 888Ladies is the first brand to make the leap by promoting their £2K Halloween Howler game almost two months before it actually plays. There is an important reason for this though because they are giving away free tickets away on the run up to the game.


Secret Sneaky Splits

We know that the prize pot will be £2,000 (the name kind of gives it away) and we know that the game plays on Sunday 30th October at 9pm. One thing we don’t know is how these prizes will be split. 888 Ladies are keeping this a complete secret until the prize has been won. There will be at least three winners though with the usual 1 line, 2 line and full house prizes being awarded - we just don’t know how much each one is worth!

Earn free tickets

Tickets can be pre-bought for £1 each from the 888 Ladies lobby but there are ways to either earn or win free tickets into the game. The first is by collecting Howler Points, 500 of which can be traded for a free ticket.

250 quick and easy points can be earned by telling them which is your favorite scary film and why. A further 100 points can be earned by revealing what you would be called if you were a witch or wizard. Points are also awarded for playing bingo at the site with 10 points won for every bingo game won on the witches hat, star or candlestick pattern. 8 points are given for every £1 wagered on bingo games and 2 points for every £20 on instants or side games.

Also keep an eye out for special ‘golden ticket’ games, we’ll keep you updated on these on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  

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