Standalone vs. Network Bingo

Standalone vs. Network Bingo

Written by: ava carson on 16/01/2012 18:00

With success of online bingo, there are so many options available to a player that it can sometimes be confusing. One of the things to consider when choosing the right site for you is understanding the difference between a standalone vs. network bingo site.

Standalone bingo is basically an independent site that is exclusive. Though they share the same software, the bingo operator has more control acting as an independent. The advantage to this for the player is more unique promotions without repetitive offers and competitions. It also allows the player to sign up as a new player.

A network bingo shares with other sites as one large group. If a player registers at one site within the network their ID and password allows entry to any bingo site within the shared network. This is where linked games are played and bingo rooms have a larger capacity of players than a standalone.

Deciding which is better for your needs depends on where you place the most importance. They both are excellent formats and offer something different from the other. If bigger jackpots and more bingo roomies are what you prefer than network bingo is the way to go. If you are looking for more unique promotional offers and contests that are not main stream then standalone is the perfect alternative.

With the online competition fierce many new bingo operators prefer a network where they have a stronger fresh start among established successful sites. A standalone site may be more of a risk with an uncertainty as to their business flourishing. But taking that risk gives the operator more freedom and is not under any obligation to share revenue like a network site does.

Whether you decide to play at a standalone or network bingo site players can be assured that both offer excellent options and it all depends on preference.

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