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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 01/04/2010 11:18

Login to Mirror Bingo to play a selection of the best instant games on the market! Such as Monkey Paradise, Fruit Multi, Pirates Multi, single player bingo, keno, classic scratchcard fun with Hollywood Stars and the most popular casino games in the world feature at this site and they can be played at the same time as you play bingo.

Everyone who joins Mirror Bingo receives a very warm welcome; they are given £20 in free bingo for making a deposit of £20, (100% bonus) giving them a huge £40 to play with and ensuring they will have fun! With a first deposit bonus like this and bingo cards available at just 1p a piece, can you calculate how many bingo tickets this money will buy you? 4,000, that's how many; and each one of these bingo tickets provides a valuable opportunity to win.

If you are new to playing online bingo, first read the handy Mirror Bingo "beginners guide" and you will soon be playing like a pro. It has never been easier, cheaper or more fun to win brilliant prizes online.

Spread the wealth at this site with 1TG and 2TG games and relieve that feeling of emptiness in the pit of your stomach when you only have 1TG and you don't win! These games take place in the "Spread the Wealth" 75 ball bingo room between 1pm and 2pm, every day of the week. Each 1TG and 2TG winner shares whatever the amount in the prize pot for that game is, so it is not a huge prize, it's not meant to be, these prizes are small consolation for being so close to winning and actually losing. But they are certainly welcome and will buy you a few bingo tickets you might not normally have been able to buy; so you can try again. Who knows, the second time around you might win!

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