Spin That Wheel With Wonder Bingo

Spin That Wheel With Wonder Bingo

Written by: kelly on 06/06/2011 15:20
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We all love a cracking game which involves spinning a wheel, don’t we? It must be something to do with childhood memories of The Wheel of Fortune but unadulterated wheel spinning pleasure is now coming to us courtesy of Wonder Bingo

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The promotion is incredibly simple and all you have to do is log into the site to get a free spin. Log in one day and get a spin. Make it 2 days in a row and you get 2 spins. 3 days in a row and…ah, you can guess the rest.

Apart from wheel spinning fun what else does the Wonder Bingo site offer? Glad you asked, because we just had a little look and saw a lot of jolly good offers. One which stands out is the free bingo. A lot of sites offer you an hour or so every other day. What have the people at Wonder Bingo gone and done? Given us free bingo games every single minute of every day. No matter when you read this there is a free game going on!

It is also a site which is well thought of for its high quality chat options. Friendly chatter with other players while you are playing away can even get you bonus money.

Ok, so those are the highlights of the site but how do you get started? The first thing you need to do is get registered. Once you put down your first cash deposit you will get this boosted by 200%. So after depositing a tenner you will have a tasty £30 in your account. If you enjoy playing on Wonder Bingo as much as the existing members, then you will be pleased to learn that your future deposits will also attract a 50% bonus.


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