Sparkling Bingo New Instant Games Competition

Sparkling Bingo New Instant Games Competition

Written by: ava carson on 20/03/2012 13:55
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Roll up your sleeves and put up your dukes in a battle that is guaranteed to be great fun. It’s a new promotion from Sparking Bingo in the Instant Games Marathon that will run every month.

Players compete in teams with a £2,000 given away every month. The team will consist up to 5 players and a trio of teams will share the prize pool. A leaderboard will show the current standings for each team.

“If you thought playing instant games single was fun then wait till you try them in teams,” read a statement from Sparkling Bingo.

“With the Instant Games Marathon, you get to pick your own team and play instant games to your heart’s content.”
The Instant Games Marathon begins on the 7th of every month and wagering £10 will earn the team on point. In the event there is a tie, the team that wagered the most on Fluffy Favourite will win.

“They say two heads are better than one and Sparkling Bingo completely agrees,” read the statement from the site.

“You can choose up to four of your Sparkling Bingo instant game buddies in one team and play the tournament to win up to £2,000 worth of prizes every month. That’s five of you against other teams.

“Even if you do not have a team, you can still take part in the tournament as Sparkling Bingo will assign a team for you.”
“Sparkling Bingo also has a special welcome bonus so refer your friends to avail extra benefits,” read the statement from Sparkling Bingo.

“Bring your closest buddies to Sparkling Bingo’s Instant Games Marathon and have unlimited fun plus loads of cash, which is enough and more to keep you partying all year round.”

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