Southend Mecca Bingo Hall To Get £1.5m Facelift

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 21/08/2010 09:05
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Reading the numerous reports of closed bingo halls and failing profits, you’d be forgiven for thinking that every bingo hall and every bingo gaming company was going through similarly difficult times. However, Mecca Bingo is splashing some of its hard earned cash by paying for a massive refurbishment of its incredibly popular bingo hall in Southend. The refurbishment will cost around £1.5m so clearly there must be some profits left in the physical bingo gaming world.

Apparently, the revamp will include an upgrade to both the bar and restaurant and it will also renew all of the facilities generally while adding an outdoor area with tables and other facilities. While this sounds like a decent amount of work, one regular told her local newspaper that they’re going to get “super loos and this outside area with tables” which doesn’t sound quite as impressive for a £1.5m investment.

The Southend Mecca Bingo hall is a very popular destination both in terms of popular hot spots in the seaside resort and in terms of Mecca Bingo’s best performing halls. Mecca Bingo are definitely getting all hardcore at the moment having opened what is essentially a new super bingo hall in Beeston last year; that looks something more like a high class bar and restaurant than it does a bingo hall.

Bingo halls have faced difficult times recently with what they deem to be an unfair tax, as well as the recession that has hit everybody including bingo players hard. It’s good to see that they still have the confidence to produce the goods and upgrade their bingo halls for the benefit of all the players.

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