South African Indians Opposed to Bingo Machines

South African Indians Opposed to Bingo Machines

Written by: ava carson on 22/09/2014 08:30

The proposal to allow electronic Bingo machines in KwaZulu-Natal province shopping malls isn’t sitting well with South African Indians. Warning it would have a negative influence that would escalate the already moral, social and financial problems.

There is approximately 1.4 million Indian South Africans residing in the province and among them 75% are completely against any government law allowing Bingo halls in the shopping center.

Showing their discontent many of the residents banned together at the public hearings host by the KwaZulu-Natal Gambling Board carrying signs in protest.

At the hearings residents have talked candidly about personal tragedies including suicides, stealing and pensioners squandering their allowances.

Saras Perumal a social worker told the board that the opening of Sugar Mill Casino in Phoenix some years back created many problems for the community.

"Pensioners used all their income on slot machines in the hope of striking it rich," she said.

According to the Premier of KwaZulu-Natal province, Senzo Mchunu, the legislation would be amended whereas bingo terminals would be kept locations that are not close to disadvantaged communities and children.

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