smoking ban not doom and gloom for bingo halls

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 03/08/2007 09:00


The recent bad weather in the UK has been dreadful and devestating for many thousands of people. The rain has been relentless and has caused millions of pounds worth of damage, but as they say every cloud has a silver lining'.


The bingo operators in the UK have seen a slight decline in player numbers during the aftermath of the recent smoking ban. However, the impact seems to have been reduced by the recent UK weather. The prolonged rain and storms has attracted more bingo players back to bingo halls over the past few weeks as people seek shelter from the rain.


The UK's largest bingo operator Gala coral who run 170 bingo clubs have announced that their player count has fallen 6 % in comparison to the 15% experiened in Scotland last year when the smoking ban was introduced. "It's very early days but it's not as bad as Scotland and quite promising," said Neil Goulden, the firm's chief executive.

The results are partly due to the UK's recent stormy climate and partly due to efforts of the bingo opperators themselves. In recent articles on our bingo blog we have discussed innovations such as Rank's electronic bingo machines that allow bingo players to continue their game while popping outside for a smoke and bingo clubs installing shelters for their members. All of these efforts have definetly reduced the impact that the smoking ban has had on the industry.


Gordon Brown has recently announced that the laws and tax that bingo opperates currently pay are under review, which is definetly a good sign that is sure to improve the UK's bingo industries chance of survival. This is fantastic news for the bingo opperators that is sure to raise a few smiles around the UK.


The Bingo reviewer.com team feels there is hope for land based bingo.


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