Smoking Ban Lifted For Bingo Players

Smoking Ban Lifted For Bingo Players

Written by: ava carson on 09/05/2012 08:30

Bingo players who didn’t win a coverall game walked out of the bingo club feeling like a winner anyway.

It has been almost a year since the smoking ban was enforced. All that has changed after Springfield City Council approved exemptions to the smoking ban for private clubs, tobacco shops, cigar bars, and bingo halls. The only clause to the ban is no employees can be present in the areas that customers are smoking in.

At the Bingo Emporium, most players didn’t know they could smoke again until they showed up for the game and found noticed ash trays back on the bingo tables.

“I am glad, I am glad it is a good thing because you are not going to stop people from smoking,” said Ulysses Callaway.

“If smoking kills and you are killing yourself so be it, that is your choice,” admitted Callaway. “But at least you want to kill yourself as comfortably as you can," he joked.

“We don't have to go out and freeze anymore in the weather. But on the other hand we come in and smoke more, being you can do it this way,” laughed Kennedy.

“We have had people who have dropped out of bingo because of it and have not come back,” Kennedy explained.

“It has really hurt us. It has hurt our charities. That is the thing that has really hurt,” said bingo chairman Bob Kennedy.

Dorothy Himstedt, a non-smoker, said she didn't agree with the smoking ban to begin with.

“If they want to smoke and keep it over there, and keep it closed off from us nonsmokers, I think that is fine,” she said. But she disagrees with Council changing what voters approved.

“No, I don't think the government should override that.”

“I hope our crowd picks up. I hope our crowd really picks up and bingo gets better,” Garrison stated.

Lifting the ban should really help to revive bingo halls that have suffered and saw a large decrease in the number of players attending.

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