Sky Bingo Syndicate

Sky Bingo Syndicate

Written by: Glo Wood on 30/05/2013 18:40
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 Sky Bingo is asking their players to form a Syndicate with friends and play bingo!

Syndicate Bingo from Sky Bingo is the latest form of team bingo. Games play every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7pm where players have the opportunity to win a special jackpot. Look out for games that feature the ‘Syndicate’ symbol for your chance to win new and improved prizes.

The player forming the Syndicate will be considered Syndicate owner and each time they win a full house, they will also get 50% of the special jackpot. The remaining half of the jackpot will be split among the rest of your team. As long as the special prize has not been won, teams may continue to play for their chance to win it.

To create your own Syndicate:
1. Click the "Syndicates" tab on the left side of any bingo room.
2. Select the "Create Syndicate" tab and enter your team name.
3. You may add players by clicking on the syndicate logo next to the name of the player in the bingo room or by write the chat name of the player in the search box followed by an *.
4. You'll receive a pop-up message letting you know when a player declines or accepts.
5. Removing members is as simple as selecting the Syndicate from the dropdown menu, and clicking the icon next to the player’s name to delete them.
6. Every Syndicate must have at least two members with a maximum of six.

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