Skate Away Fabulous Rewards at Bingo Extra

Skate Away Fabulous Rewards at Bingo Extra

Written by: Alex Hoffmann on 11/06/2018 10:45
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Do you remember the last time you went skating? In case you forgot how to do it properly, head over to Bingo Extra and look for the Roller Rink promo, as it currently represents the hottest game on wheels, so let’s roll. Put on your old, dusty roller skates and enjoy a bit of roller disco with this twice-daily game. You can even earn two £25 jackpots per day at only 1p per ticket, so prebuy your cards and start rolling!

Enter the Roller Rink room every day at 1 PM and play until 10 PM for a £25 prize, or £5 per line respectively. The game type is five-line bingo, meaning that there is a fiver up for grabs 5 times per game. All winnings are credited automatically to the account, and the maximum card purchase is capped at 48. In addition, winnings from a free card will be credited in bonus funds, as well as in the same currency the ticket is bought in.

Did we ever mention how exhausting that weekly grocery shopping can be? Thankfully, with Bingo Extra this no longer has to be the case, as you can take the edge off with £100 in shopping vouchers by playing every Tuesday at 10 PM in the Win a £100 ASDA voucher' prebuy room. Tickets are available at just 5p per piece, so take a shot today and add a little extra to your wallet. Read full terms and conditions?aid=351&cid=2089&tid=15 before continuting to the platform.

In any case, if the aforementioned promotions didn’t hit the spot, check out the No Limits Bingo deal where the pot just keeps on growing. Unlike prebuy games where the prize is fixed no matter how many players are involved, this offer allows the pot to increase as big as the number of players who are trying to win it. There are three types of the promo: a Daily 5p game available at £20, starting at 11:00 PM, a Weekly 10p game seeded at £50 every Thursday at 9:30 PM and a Monthly 50p game, accessible at £100 every 2nd last Friday of the month at 9:00 PM. Best of luck...

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