Sizzling Summer £2K Plays Tonight

Sizzling Summer £2K Plays Tonight

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 16/07/2011 15:35
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 After the Summer themed feast laid on by Foxy bingo and bingo fabulous tonight we kind of thought all the big games of summer had been and gone. However, we are pleased to announce that Wink bingo will not be outdone and are running their own Sizzling Summer game this evening - the best part is the prize fund is a whopping £2,000!


Sizzling Summer £2K

That’s right, we are in the height of summer, so slip into your bikini and grab you shades, an ice cold drink and prepare yourself for tonights extra special themed game. The Sizzling summer £2K plays on the 16th July at 9pm with tickets costing 20p each. What’s extra special about this game is that even the 1TG players will get a prize as Wink bingo has set aside a guaranteed prize pot for them to share.

The £2,000 game will be split in the following way:

Full house winner: £1,000
2 lines wins: £500
1 line: £300
1TG: £200

Should more than one roomie win then the prize pool will be split evenly among them. So if 50 people get 1TG they would win £4 each, we can’t predict how many people will win this but wanted to illustrate how it works :-). Oh, one more thing - to win the 1TG you can not win any other prize, if you win 1 line or 2 lines and then get 1TG on the full house you will have to make do with your other winnings.

Tickets for the Sizzling Summer £2K are available now, you can pre-buy them from the pre-buy tab for 20p each. Good luck and enjoy the weather!

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