Sing Bingo MP3 Player Prize Tonight

Sing Bingo MP3 Player Prize Tonight

Written by: kelly on 03/06/2011 09:30
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If it’s Friday again, which means that it must be time to store away the work clothes, look out the party shoes and head off to Sing Bingo.

Win a Handy MP3 Player.....

What has the Sing Bingo TFI Friday promotion got up its musical sleeve for us this week?  We hear you ask. Well, have you heard of Sony and have you heard of MP3 players? There you have it then. A cracking Sony MP3 player, which will let you listen to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers while you eat out in the local Mexican restaurant or The Rolling Stones while you, errr, roll a stone (it’s a popular hobby in some parts we hear).

Anyway, how will you get your music loving mitts on this fine piece of electronic equipment? Easy peasy. Just head off to the Sing Bingo site a tad before 9pm tonight (Friday the 3rd of June). Splash out a single penny on every ticket up to a maximum of 96, and then bingo on the coverall pattern. Could this be any easier?

If 1p a ticket sounds laughably cheap then you will also find a lot of 0p offers on the Sing Bingo site. Yes, free bingo rocks, and if you want to bop your head along to a few games then this is a good place to do it.
Of course, if you want a flipping big prize then you would be better off with the paid games. To do this you will have to add some money to your account on the site, and the first time you do this you will be given a 200% welcome bonus for your trouble.

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