Sing Bingo Brings You The Beatles Tonight

Sing Bingo Brings You The Beatles Tonight

Written by: Richard Sharp on 24/06/2011 10:55
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Wednesday just won’t go, Thursday goes too slow, I’ve got Friday on my mind. If you are big fan of the regular TFI competitions at Sing Bingo then you will be looking forward to seeing what this week’s prize, won’t you?

I think we only need to mention the names John, Paul, Ringo and George to let you know what this week’s prize is all about. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Beatles are back (cue girlish screaming).

Get a Great CD Display

Everyone’s favourite group just don’t seem to lose their appeal do they? Could it be because of the great music, the timeless lyrics or the sensational image? Whatever it is that makes Liverpool’s finest so special you can grab a slice of it with Sing Bingo. The prize up for grabs is a lovely Beatles CD display which is part of a limited edition run.

The TFI Friday games off at its usual time of 9pm tonight and despite the stunning prize tickets cost just 10p each. If Beatlemania still has a grip on you then you can even buy 96 of them. Bingo on the coverall pattern and it is all yours.

If you haven’t been in the Sing Bingo site for a couple of weeks then you will probably be highly impressed by the new makeover it has had. Things are sleeker and rockier than ever but the same great deals still apply. For example, get a 200% welcome bonus handed over to them when they make their first deposit.

There are also lots of free bingo games and a lot of penny bingo games running from 8pm every day. These penny games have very decent prizes of up to £100.

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