Shutdown of Yahoo Games-Effective December 31

Shutdown of Yahoo Games-Effective December 31

Written by: Emilija Zivulovic on 15/12/2014 16:45
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Anyone who visited Yahoo Games page recently, couldn't possibly oversee the message in red: “NOTICE: As of December 31st, 2014, Yahoo Games will no longer offer the Yahoo Classic Games including Yahoo Poker, Yahoo Pool and Yahoo Bingo on web or mobile devices. For further information, click here.”

According to the Forbes Magazine findings, Yahoo is no longer offering many of its online parlor games because “changes in supporting technologies and increased security requirements” have rendered the games “incompatible, insecure, and no longer functioning correctly.”

There is a possibility of Yahoo working toward the launch of new online games with better cyber-security, and these new games may ultimately include a new form of Texas Hold’em. This comes after a surprising shutdown of their previous Texas Hold’em game, which was heavily advertised just a month before.


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