Shortest Day, Big Prizes at Sun Bingo for Christmas

Shortest Day, Big Prizes at Sun Bingo for Christmas

Written by: Jeannie on 28/11/2011 16:25
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Wednesday 21st December is the shortest day of the year, more accurately known as the Winter Solstice. This makes the 21st an unusual and exciting day and it is frightfully close to Christmas! This year Sun Bingo is planning to make the day, well the evening, much more exciting with their £13,000 Christmas Cracker game!


£13,000 Christmas Cracker Game

This one off game will split the £13,000 prize fund between the one line, two line and full house winners. The prizes are certainly skewed towards the house prize as the one line winner will receive £1,000, the two line winner £2,000 and the full house winner £10,000! Wouldn't it be magical to win that huge sum just before Christmas!

As always multiple winners will result in the cash prizes being split equally between them, so if there are five full house winners (it could happen) they'd receive £2,000 each.

The game will play at 8:45 pm on Wednesday 21st December in the Olympia room. Players can login and join in various chats and whatnot half an hour before the game starts, this will also give plenty of time to purchase tickets for the game.

If you are the keen, or even forgetful type you may decide to pre-buy your tickets now to avoid missing out on this festive action. Each ticket will cost £1, or a fiver per strip if you prefer.

This Isn't the only Christmas Promotion running at Sun Bingo at the moment. They are also asking players to send in their £500 dream Christmas wish list, which if they're lucky will be sent to them (well, the cash will be).  

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