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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 29/10/2009 07:11

Shopping for bingo bargains is just the same as shopping for bargains anywhere, you have to know where to look and what you are looking for. At Virgin Bingo the place to find your bingo bargains is in Marrakesh, much like you might in this city. This is were you find games for just a penny a pop but only on a Monday night, so tonight’s the night. Effectively you can get an entire nights worth of entertainment for as little as 25p, this does not happen anywhere else, except of course when you find free bingo in Marrakesh.

Again this is one of the newer offerings from Virgin Bingo, these free games for real cash prizes have only been available since the 12th October. But they are happening and they are happening every day for a few hours. Some of the games even offer members the opportunity to earn V*Points and we know how valuable these points can be.

Free Bingo opens at 1pm in Marrakesh and plays for an hour, you earn V*points in certain games. From 2 - 3pm, there is 1p and 2p bargain bingo on offer. Then again at 5pm till 7pm you get free bingo again with free V*Points. Please be aware that these games are apparently only on offer till the 1st November, so you need to take advantage of them now.

You have to be a depositing member of the site to be entitled to play in free bingo and have a real cash balance in your account, but if you do, then even more bargains are available. Cash players, with cash balances at Virgin Bingo receive a free Necker Island scratch card, and this has a cash jackpot prize of up to £500 in the offing, can you afford not to play at this site?

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