Share Your School Stories at Posh Bingo

Share Your School Stories at Posh Bingo

Written by: Jeannie on 30/05/2011 15:20
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If you have been waiting decades to confess about putting a frog down Jenny Smith’s jumper or sticking chewing gum to little Johnny Winkle’s seat then Posh Bingo is giving you the chance right now to come clean.

Get Money for Spilling the Beans

All you have to do to get some extra cash and relieve your conscience is take part in the School Misdemeanours competition on the Posh Bingo Facebook page. The person who sends in the best story gets £15, second place scoops £10 and third place £5.

The offer runs between the 31st of May and the 2nd of June, so it is time to start racking your brains and dredging up memories of playground fights, pencil stealing and other high jinks.

Of course, we are all serious, grown up people now –ahem- and we know a cracking bingo offer when we see one. This is how it is clear why the deal to get started with Posh Bingo has been such a success lately.

New Members Get a Top Deal

When you register on the site all you have to do is plonk a tenner in your new account and then be amazed as it grows to a far more impressive £30 thanks to the site’s 200% first time deposit bonus.

This is a top way to get started, and then once you work out that it is a jolly good site then encouraging some friends to sign up as well will get you a juicy little bonus. As well as this you will also have familiar faces to meet up with on the site and play a few games together.


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