Shape Up for Spring with Posh bingo

Shape Up for Spring with Posh bingo

Written by: Jeannie on 17/03/2011 19:25
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Who among us has felt the need to shed a few of those excess pounds lately? Maybe the Shape Up for Spring offer at Posh Bingo is just what we need to finally turn our words into action.

Win Pounds to Lose Pounds

The arrival of the warmer spring weather is one sure way to make us realise that a long, cold winter has taken its toll on our figures. Instead of spending our own money on gym membership and fitness machines we are now being given the chance to win the cash to do this through Posh Bingo.

The promo offers a £750 prize fund and runs until the 27th of March. All you have to do is march up the Posh Bingo Shape Up for Spring leaderboard and get yourself into the first 20 places. Those players who end up from 20th to 11th place get a tenner each. The bonuses then rise as we move up the board, and the overall winner picks up a nice little £110.

So how do go about challenging for the 1st place position? The easiest way to get started on winning some points is to send an email to the people at Posh Bingo telling them your top fitness tip, as this gives you a whacking great 20 points. After that you get 1 point for wagering a tenner on instant games, 5 points for winning the Bar Bell Pattern Game and 2 point for every pound spent on bingo.

There are plenty of other deals on the site, and when you first register you get a lovely little 200% welcome bonus to get you started. After that you will no doubt find a number of games which catch your eye, with the likes of scratchcards and Arcade Horses giving you a break from the bingo action whenever you fee like a change.


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