Sexy Sixes at Dream Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 15/12/2009 19:00

Dream Bingo are running a whole load of exciting Christmas promotions this month, but they’ve now spiced things up even more by adding some special chat games and prizes. These all run on a weekly basis, and the latest one is called ‘Sexy Sixes’. I’m not quite sure why, but Dream Bingo believe that six is one of the hottest numbers around, and they’re showering you with prizes to make you believe it too!

How to play the Sexy Sixes game
Head over to Dream Bingo on Wednesday 16th December, and look out for the chat host announcing the Sexy Sixes game. You can even make some new friends and have a chinwag in the chatrooms while you’re waiting!

After that, all you have to do to win is to play bingo as normal, but watch out for the first six numbers in the game. Each number that has a six in it, for example - 16, 36, 64 etc, will win you 6 Bingo Bonus Points (BBz)! What’s more, you’ll be very popular with your fellow bingo players, as each neighbour above and below you will also bag an extra 2 BBz!

So, start spotting those sixes and start winning some lovely Christmas bonuses!

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