Sexy Sixes at Bingo on the Box

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 18/01/2010 19:00

Bingo on the Box has chosen Wednesday as their favourite big-winning day of the week and why not? This otherwise dull middle day, when you’re not quite at the weekend yet and still have a couple of days of work left, needs brightening up with an exciting online bingo promotion, and that’s just what Bingo on the Box have provided for us.

The Sexy Sixes promotion runs on Wednesday 20th January only, to be replaced with another brilliant special event the following week. This game, as you might have guessed, focuses completely on the number 6.

Here’s how it works:

On Wednesday, the Chat Host will be announcing the game just before it starts, so keep your eyes peeled for that all-important announcement. Once you’ve got your tickets and the game starts, watch for the first six numbers called. Every one of these that has a six in it, i.e. 6, 16, 36 etc, will net you 6 BBz, and your neighbours will each win 2 BBz.

Remember, this bingo promotion will be available at Bingo on the Box on Wednesday only, so make sure you’re there before the games starts! There are loads of chances to win, just watch out for those naughty little sixes!

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