Scratch Your Winning Itch at Littlewoods Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 15/10/2009 19:03

When you get a winning itch, one of the best online bingo sites you can play at is Littlewoods Bingo “stormacoming” did and they won £10 000 on Scratch and Win on the 27th September. They were playing the Atlantis scratchie when they caught this fantastic prize, so you see you can win big on scratch cards, you just have to choose the right game at the right time. Always trust your instincts, if they tell you that you feel lucky, do something about it and buy a ticket. You have no idea how many people have acted on a feeling of luck and won..

She says that when she heard she had won her heart stopped. I certainly hope she is ok, something like that could be bad for your health! As usual she also said that things like this don’t normally happen to her, possibly not, but it did this time, and that is what luck is all about. She is going to be spending some of her prize money on Christmas, lucky her, she doesn’t have to find any extra money, and the rest will be spent on a holiday next year.

She is not alone either, because last month there were loads of winners at Littlewoods Bingo. This month winners are already piling up also with “Soz louth_cnd” scooping £31,928 playing Bingo Slots on the 3rd October. What a winning combination this turned out to be! His Missis has already booked a holiday to Kenya and picked out a new car, she is also getting her Christmas shopping done early, I’ll bet she was happy with his win too!

If you fancy getting your Christmas shopping sorted out early or booking a holiday for next year, it might just be worth your while to play at Littlewoods Bingo, you never know what might happen.

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