School Employee Steals £31K to Support Bingo Habit

School Employee Steals £31K to Support Bingo Habit

Written by: ava carson on 27/11/2012 08:55

Claire Mosby, 38, a Leeds primary school worker took her managerial position in the office and siphon £31,000 from the school safe over a period of two years.

She is on trial at Leeds Crown court and the prosecuting attorney Peter Hampton claims the offense took place between March 2009 and March 2011. During that time Mosby was in charge of the finances and took in the school cash. The money was from the parents of students to pay for dinners, after school programs and trips for the pupils.

Mosby denies ever taking the money as Mr. Hampton said the cash missing was funds for the school’s nursery, breakfast club, voluntary club and contributions to fund school trips.

Suspicions were raised when low income levels in the dinners money account was discovered by Kate Davison, the council-employed school finance over. When Davison tried a meeting with Mosby to discuss the low funds she described her as being “obstructive”.

Checking into the accounts records Davison realized that there was over £17,000 missing and when questioning Mosby about the shortage she couldn’t offer an explanation.

After checking the school safe envelopes marked with Mosby handwriting were discovered to have the money missing and she was immediately dismissed the following day and police were notified in March 2011.

Bank statements revealed that transactions were made to online bingo and gambling sites and payments to loan companies. Cash withdrawals were also made at ATM machines near Mecca Bingo in Leeds.

According to Mosby she realized the money was missing from the safe but claims she had nothing to do with it.

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by: okinman over 9 years ago
Wow. Ms. Mosby is certainly in a pickle. I hope she did have nothing to do with this crime. It is getting to where almost every day I hear about someone stealing to play bingo!

And that is certainly a lot of bingo money. I never see in the articles if the suspect had any cashouts in the bingo halls in which they have made deposits. I would hope that there was some sort of reason to keep stealing, like if the winnings were so great she couldn't stop.

Sadly, that's probably not the case. The big problem I see is that Mosby realized the money was gone but yet declined to report or inquire about the missing funds.

To me, that is a big red flag. Anyone in charge of finances who notices something wrong would certainly report it in order to not be as suspect of committing the crime.

Good luck to Ms. Mosby, but not at bingo! Time to stop, I think.