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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 05/10/2009 19:47

Are you thrilled by the undead? Do you want to feel the excitement of the feeling of all that is not alive but not dead either? Wanna feel the shivers running down your spine, your hair standing on end and fear goosebumps? You can feel this and much more with Bingo liner’s ghost ship.

You know there is a time of the year when ghosts, undead, vampires and night creatures come out to the picture. If you spend some time playing at the ghost ship you can write your own horror story. You just have to play bingo at bingo liner during October and you will get the chance of it.

Create your own horror story in bingo liner’s rooms from October 1st till October 31st in this terrific competition… The Ghost Ship!!!

To win a ticket for the ghost ship you just have to hit, win and claim a bingo on the winning numbers. These numbers are 2 - 13 - 24 - 27 - 34 - 38 - 49 - 57 - 62 – 71 and your horror story can finish just by hitting a full house on any of the above numbers. Everybody claiming to hit a bingo with these numbers will get a share of the ghost ship and it will be announced on 1st of November by midnight!!

Do not forget to claim your win at the message board facility if you want your win to count towards the ghost ship promotion. All CM wins count for this promotion, so do not hesitate any more and start playing bingo… you may be terribly lucky and get a share of the ghost ship!! Remember all the winners will be credited and announced just after Halloween, when all the monsters and night creatures have gone back to their lairs till the next year…

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