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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 03/09/2009 15:00
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The Cube is one of the popular Saturday night game shoes in the UK. The British people are very much aware of the game. And so Wink Bingo had taken advantage of that fact. Wink Bingo decides to sponsor The Cube to gain more popularity. Wink Bingo is certainly at the top of their game. Let’s find out more about this news below.

The Cube, which is hosted by Phillip Schofield, welcomes a new sponsor, Wink Bingo. The latter has recently joined the Cube family in order to cater to a larger audience. This will definitely publicize their online bingo offerings even more. Wink Bingo is already popular right now. In fact, they’ve been receiving bingo awards on their first year on the business. So it’s pretty obvious that a lot of online bingo lovers, insiders, and players know the site all too well. That’s why Wink Bingo decided to go out of the online bingo business and into other industries to advertise their business and website.

The Cube has been a great show that tests out not only the physical but also the mental abilities of its contestants. It starts out with easy-looking tasks that have to be finished within a certain amount of time. But later on, it appears that those easy tasks are not at all that easy. That’s why it has become a hit show in the UK. And Wink Bingo tapping into that market will surely boost their online bingo site. As one of the sponsors of the Cube, Wink Bingo clips will be shown just before each and every commercial. This is a great advertising tool and because of this, we expect to see more players joining Wink Bingo. If you’d like to see the clips, check out the Cube show and join the rest of the 5.5 million people watching “The Cube”.

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