Sales Clerk Attempts Lottery Fraud

Sales Clerk Attempts Lottery Fraud

Written by: Glo Wood on 04/01/2013 00:05

One convenience store clerk from Clayton, North Carolina has attracted quite a bit of media attention after her attempt at lottery fraud. The story has managed to pop up everywhere even though the “fraud” refers to just fifty bucks.

Local media says that Kathleen Patricia McClusky, 19, has been arrested for stealing a customer’s winning lotto ticket. She scanned the lottery ticket and informed the player that he hadn’t won anything and she proceeded to pocket his $50 win.

Customer, Luis Flores-Bautista wanted to use the automated machine check to verify his tickets on December 23rd but McClusky took over instead. She redeemed one $17 ticket and told him that his other ticket wasn’t a winner and put it in the trash.

The customer left and McClusky redeemed the $50 ticket for herself. Flores-Bautista returned to the store asking for his losing ticket to have it verified at another store.

The police were involved once the customer realized that McClusky had stolen his winning ticket. She was arrested by the Clayton police who are working with the store manager and the N.C. Lottery Commission.

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by: okinman over 9 years ago
This is just such a sad story, and I'm sure there is more to it as well. In general stealing is bad. Stealing someone's winning lottery ticket is like stealing my bingo! Fighting stuff.

This girl is only 19 years old. Makes me wonder if she is just overall a bad person with no concern for anyone but herself, or if she was just sorely tempted due to some financial reason and made a very bad decision. You know working at a convenience store you don't make a lot of money.

And handing out winnings to people all day long might wear someone down after awhile and they might use some really bad judgement not thinking of the consequences.

I would imagine that since it's "lottery fraud" she is going to have a rough time with her consequences. With something as official as the Lottery Commission being involved you know they'll want to make an example of this girl.

I wish her well and safe from harm and I hope she is doing some serious thinking about the errors of her ways.