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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 19/08/2009 11:00
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One of the fabulous online bingo sites in the UK today is Posh Bingo. They are certainly better than ever, offering fantastic promotions and fabulous prizes. They do live up to their name. To prove that, one of their latest promotion is the Sail the Posh Way into Paradise. If you are interested in sailing away on a holiday vacation, then make sure to continue reading below for the details of this great promotion.

It’s the “Sail Away the Posh Way to Paradise” promotion care of Posh Bingo. They certainly are a posh online bingo site to be offering such posh promotions. If you have always dreamed of sailing away to the gorgeous islands, perhaps you’d like to know more about this great promotion from Posh Bingo. They are sponsoring the winner of this promotion an escape to the beautiful Canary Islands! Imagine going on a stunning island with great features to boast such as the black and white sands, rugged volcanoes and landscapes, picturesque views, not to mention the white washed villages. You’ll have an amazing coastal scenery that will take you out of the busy life even for a while. That’s what Posh Bingo is allowing you to enjoy when you win their latest promo.

The Sail the Posh way into Paradise promotion is still almost a month away. The posh game will be held on September 20th on a Sunday at exactly eight o’clock in the evening. You simply need to cover the Cruise Ship pattern so you can win those tickets for two aboard the luxury liner on a first class cabin. You and your loved one will be sipping champagne as you sail away to paradise! So make sure to mark the calendar so you won’t forget. This is one of those ultra posh promotions you don’t want to miss.


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