Ronnie Riley Sentenced in Bingo Corruption Scandal

Ronnie Riley Sentenced in Bingo Corruption Scandal

Written by: Glo Wood on 19/07/2012 05:00

The case involving an Alabama bingo corruption scandal has finally come to a close after the three men involved have faced sentencing.

Ronnie Gilley, Country Crossing developer, was sentenced to 80 months in prison for his role in bribing law makers for their votes on gambling legislation along with lobbyist, Jarrod Massey. Massey was sentenced to 65 months and former Coffee County Rep, Terry Spicer admitted to the acceptance of bribes and earned himselfe 57 months in prison. 

"I'm accepting responsibility for the crimes that I committed and the mistakes that I've made. As for as me elaborating on what took place with those other two trials, I think everybody has been through enough. I think it is time to move past this issue and let's get this state back on the right track again," Gilley said as he worked his way out of the court house.

"The toughest part is knowing the road I created for my family", Massey said.

As is stands, all three men were not considered flight risks and are required to surrender to federal authorities by 27 August. All other defendants in the case were acquitted in this case.

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