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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 01/09/2009 14:00
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Gala Bingo’s new jackpot game is here. Have you heard about it yet? It’s called the Rollaball. It promises a lot of great elements that is surely appealing and attractive to all the bingo players out there. This new promotion from Gala Bingo is turning heads because it offers players more chances of winning. In fact, it’s been garnering a lot of fans already. Let’s find out more about Gala Bingo’s Rollaball.

One of the best things about Rollaball is that its jackpot is very winnable unlike other promotions. Some bingo games offer really huge prizes but the requirements or the conditions of the win are just exaggerated. With Rollaball, you know that someone will surely win the promo. The Rollaball bingo game jackpot starts at 32 calls. This means that if you bingo on 32 calls or less, you win the jackpot. But don’t worry, because the number of calls will increase each day if the jackpot is not won. So if no one gets the jackpot today for 32 calls, then the following day, the jackpot will be given to someone who bingos on 33 calls or less. If again no one wins the jackpot, the number of calls will just increase by one again. But here is where it gets better. As the number of calls required to win the jackpot increases, the jackpot prize will increase as well. There are only certain games that qualify for the jackpot games. These are the bingo games running at 11:55 am, 3:55 pm, 5:55 pm, and 9:55 pm. So what are you waiting for? Tickets are just 15p each but the amount you can win can amount to thousands!

If you think that’s all there is to Rollaball, think again. Rollaball is a game where the prize is shared among all the players. This is why it’s great to play Rollaball. You’ve got more chances of winning with this jackpot game. If a player calls house within the right number of calls, he or she wins 50% of the total jackpot and the other 50% is shared among the other members playing that game.

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