Robber at Norwich Mecca Bingo Hall held knife at a woman

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 12/07/2009 23:00
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Recently, we’ve heard about reports that a robber started what was thought of as a terrorist attack when he held a woman at knifepoint and ran through the rooms of the Mecca Bingo Hall in Norwich. Last July 3rd, at around 8:15 in the morning, a robber had broken into the bingo hall. He came from the back of the bingo hall and grabbed a woman there and held her through a knife.

The balaclaved man went room to room dragging the woman with her and asked for money. But as soon as he reached the main bingo hall, he saw the Mecca Bingo cleaner, Lee Marrison. He ordered him to lie down the floor but instead, Marrison chased the robber out of the building. According to Marrison, he was cleaning the tables in the hall when he heard the noise. Then when he turned he saw the robber holding the woman around her neck with a knife on the other hand pointing to the lady. The lady was shouting “I don’t want to die”, according to Marrison. Of course he had to tell her words of encouragement telling her to calm down. He simply wanted to know where the money was kept.

The robber then dropped the knife and ran off. That’s when Morrison and his other mate chased the thief. The robber ran when Morrison wasn’t doing as he was instructed. So when the robber ran, he went after him to see if he could stop him. Morrison admitted that he acted a bit stupid because who knows what could have happened to him or the girl. But good thing the robber just ran and didn’t injure anyone. According to Morrison, some people may not just want to get involved when it comes to those situations. But he just had to do what he did, hoping to catch the robber. However, weren’t able to catch him as the robber’s accomplice was waiting outside on a motorbike. They have escaped. According to the staff, they’ve seen two men acting suspiciously outside the club the day before. They have arrested a 25 year old man in connection to this incident. Let’s hope they resolve this case soon.

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