Revenge For Football Widows at Posh Bingo

Written by: kelly on 16/06/2010 18:25
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In a perfect world, when we get frustrated with husbands for parking themselves in front of the telly and doing nothing but watching sports, we would be able to throw something at them. In fact we are sure that quite a few of you may have harboured this desire and may have even done it. But let's face it, if you were to throw a microwave at your husband, no matter how satisfying the result, you could get into trouble, and you may even kill him, which is not always a bad thing. But we shouldn't be countenancing this kind of behaviour, it could lead to long jail sentences and we don't want that.

Posh Bingo has come up with a way to do this in a virtual setting, get away with it and win. So if your aim is in and you arm as well as your will is strong to chuck something at the man in your life, do this at Posh Bingo and you will get away with it. The results may be even more satisfying if you win! Get your own back on the footie fanatic this month and stand a chance to win one of some brilliant prizes.

The World Cup Revenge game plays from the 11th June, so it has started and lasts till the 11th July, giving you just enough time to vent all your frustration in this throwing game which is already going down a treat at the site. Choose from a handbag, microwave, iron and shoes and take aim. Then let loose and throw it like you mean it, you get five chances per game; if you hit the window or the cat, you will lose points. Try it today; this is Posh Bingo fun at its best. We would pay to play, even if there were no prizes up for grabs!


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