Responsible Gambling Report Released

Written by: ava carson on 13/10/2011 13:55

Map The Gap Report is a study of responsible gambling which updates and builds on the 2004 Auckland Report for Britain.

British policy makers are facing challenges for resolutions into responsible gambling. The study concludes that there is not enough evidence to support gambling strategies.

The research found inclusive evidence for effective treatments pertaining to the different types of gamblers in Britain. This included targets groups such as woman, young people and substance abusers who gamble.

Resonsible Gaming Fund (RGF) chief executive Carol Stone, says: 'This vital review reveals key gaps in Britain's knowledge of, and research into, problem gambling. It also tells us that we need to know more about which treatment might be best suited and most effective for different types of gamblers. Map the Gap sets out a useful and practical framework for research into treatment, prevention and education in the future.

'RGF has already begun to address some of the gaps by commissioning research studies itself and by making evaluation of the programmes it funds a high priority. If researchers are able to join in taking up this exciting challenge by attempting to fill many of these knowledge gaps, we believe that policy-makers will be better equipped to effectively support a national responsible gambling strategy as a result.'

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