Renewed Appeal To Catch Attacker Who Mugged 80 Year Old For £30 Bingo Winnings

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 20/08/2010 13:15

A woman aged 80 has died after being mugged just minutes away from her home by a thug on a bicycle. The woman, named Mary Porter, had spent the evening playing bingo with friends at a local bingo hall and having walked home she was left on the ground by an attacker who stole her handbag and rode away. Just yards away from her front door, Mrs Porter suffered a fractured arm and fractured ribs as well as a collapsed lung. Seven weeks after the attack, and following a worsening in her condition due to her age and frailty, she died of a heart attack.

The attack took place two years ago but because no arrests have been made, police have launched a renewed appeal to catch the attacker. CCTV footage of the assailant on his bicycle just after the incident includes a picture of him. The attack took place at just 3.50pm.

Mary had been carrying a walking stick and umbrella so had left her handbag over her shoulder and the attacker obviously took advantage of this but it also meant that stealing the bag left Mrs Porter seriously injured. Her daughter and grandchildren continue to try to come to terms with the loss, but this is made all the more difficult by the fact that the assailant has yet to be caught.

The attack happened in Bolton where Mrs Porter worked in the Post Office from the age of 16 to the day she retired at the age of 68. She had two grandchildren, Joshua aged 20 and Shannon aged 16 who have been left without their grandmother because of the attack.

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