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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 12/08/2009 09:25
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Earlier this week, Bet365 launched a new promotion. Well, it is actually a previous promotion that they have restored. They have re-launched their promotional referral system where they have a very catchy slogan, “£10 for you, £10 for your friend”. Now ain’t life grand? Not only are you going to earn money for playing bingo but you are also helping your friend earn bingo money to join you in on the fun. If you want to make money online while you enjoy playing bingo, then you will surely love this referral system from Bet365.

Now, all the bingo players out there who join Bet365 will earn a bonus of ten pounds to play Bingo for each of the people he or she refers. Aside from that, the referred friend gets a bonus of ten pounds as well. Now that explains their slogan, “£10 for you, £10 for your friend”. What this means for you? The more friends you refer to Bet365, the more money you will earn. If you refer 5 five friends then you will earn fifty pounds. And if you refer 10 friends, you can earn a whopping one hundred pounds just by sharing the Bet365 online bingo site to your friends! It’s that simple to earn. And what’s more is that you’ll have more bingo funds and you’ll be able to play more bingo. The more bingo you play the more chances of winning. So that’s another plus for you. It’s another benefit you get to earn with Bet365’s referral system.

Now let’s talk about the important details of this referral system from Bet365 bingo. This affiliate program requires that you open an account and you should fill out a reference form. Aside from that, make sure that you have a minimum deposit of twenty pounds and have bought a minimum of fifty pounds in bingo cards since you joined. Once you supply all those requirements, an email will be sent on your behalf to all the friends you want to refer to Bet365. They will have seven days from the moment the email was sent to join the site.

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