Redbus Bingo Now Offers Unbeatable Daily Prizes

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 23/05/2010 21:35
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The chance to win £1,000 every day while enjoying a fun game of bingo is what Redbus Bingo is now offering to our lucky customers. You won’t find a free bingo game with a better payout in the whole country. Simply by entering into www.redbusbingo.co.uk. or www.redbusbingo.com if you fancy arriving by the international route, you will discover that the Redbus Bingo 200 free bingo room is the place to be at 8.15pm.

Everyone who gets there on time and with a thirst for some bingo action gets up to 6 free lines in each game. The first free Redbus Bingo game offers £100 for the person who gets the virtual full house, £70 for a couple of lines and a very respectable £30 for getting a single line.

Hang around until 9.15pm and you won’t need to get on a bus to make the switch to the Redbus Bingo 300 free room, where you will come across the Redbus Bingo 300 game. The prizes here increase to £150, £100 and £50 respectively.

Make sure you keep the Ovaltine on hold until later on though, because the big one comes along at 10.15pm. The Redbus Bingo 500 is another free game and you can guess the name of the room. It has a nice twist in that you don’t need to wait for that elusive full house. £250 is the prize for getting three lines, £150 for two lines and even one lonely little line nets you £100 in prize money.

These wonderful free games are on offer for a limited period at red bus bingo so we hope to see you in one of our free bingo rooms before it’s too late. The Redbus Bingo site itself features the same UK landmarks which helped make it so popular when it was the free section of the Landmark Bingo Site, so previous users will know what to expect while new users will quickly adapt to the easy to use system and layout.



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