Redbus £25,000 Joypot Plays Tonight

Redbus £25,000 Joypot Plays Tonight

Written by: Richard Sharp on 29/07/2011 09:05
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Joyofbingo has become famed for their JoyPot promotion, which pumps out four £25,000 jackpots throughout the year. The latest game is set to play at Redbus bingo this evening, we’d hate for you to miss out and have included the details on the game in this article.


Red bus has the JoyPot

The £25,000 JoyPot game plays this evening at Redbus bingo, you may have already earned free tickets into the game (more on that later). The prizes will be split between the full house winner, 1 line and 2 line winners. The full house prize has been set at a staggering £15,000, 2 lines £7,000 and 1 line £3,000.

Tickets for the game are available to pre-buy for £2 each from the lobby, these tickets will be played whether you are logged in or not. This is ideal if you can not be logged on to play, or like myself are a little forgetful on a Friday evening!

Free Tickets

Over the last few months you may have earned yourselves some free tickets if you have been playing at any of the Joy of bingo sites (Wink, Posh, Tasty). Points where awarded for the amount wagered (2 points per £1 on bingo), for winning on certain patterns and for emailing in an answer to a question. If you have collected 500 points you will be given a free card into the game, just check in your pre-buy tab.

After the game has played we are sure Redbus will be laying on a few celebratory games after, just stick around to see - the celebrations are always a site to behold after these big games. Best of luck to you all, we hope to see you there.


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