Red Bus Bingo Treats Die Hard Football Fans

Written by: kelly on 02/06/2010 11:35
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Die-hard England football fans are going to love the great new World Cup themed games at Red Bus Bingo. These are also brilliant for players who are not football fans. The fun and games takes place in the Redbus England Supporters Club, as and when the England games take place. The first England game is on the 12th June and so far the site has only catered for three games (God forbid that England should not get through to any more games). The bingo tickets cost 1p each and the prize is £100!

As these games commence the bingo ticket prices increase by 1p and the prize increases by £100! So the second game is on the 13th June and ticket prices are 2p while the prize is £200. Then the next game is on the 23rd June with bingo tickets for 3p and a prize of £300! Hopefully the England team will go much further than this and the Red Bus Bingo games will also increase accordingly. If they don't, a special game to honour the Lions will play and this game will offer a £500 cash prize. This special promotion will have you screaming "GO England!" because you will want more of these bingo games too. So, GO England!!

With the theme of the World Cup Football in mind, a bingo tourney will also be taking place at Red Bus Bingo and you have to keep your eye on the prize, the goal and the ball for this one. Bingo the most on the "Ball" pattern every week during the duration of the promotion and the World Cup football tournament and win an extra jackpot prize of £10 in free bingo funds. This prize also grows week on week and finishes on the 11th July with £40 in bingo funds, in the prize pot.



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