Red Bus Bingo Crowns the King of Bingo

Red Bus Bingo Crowns the King of Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 28/11/2010 09:15
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Red bus bingo is running another weekend full of promotions which started yesterday with a 70% bonus code, thankfully today’s is even better and they are putting on a full compliment of offers, promotions and instant specials.

Two day Red Bus Promotion code

If you want a little extra on today’s or tomorrows deposits then we have some fantastic news for you, there’s a code for that :-).

Simply enter the code REDBUS to gain an extra 75% on any deposit between £10 and £100, this can only be used once today and once tomorrow, just make sure you enter the code before you make the deposit.


Wander Around and Bus About

The Red Bus Bingo Wander Around promotion gives players the chance to win an extra £15 in bingo funds each. The prizes will go to the players chow bingo most on the number 11 or trainer pattern. The Bus about promotion also awards £15 to two players who wager the most on the Wheel of fortune instant game.

Become a king or queen of bingo

This is similar to last week’s promotion that focused on making three players the King, Queen and Jack of bingo. This week the player who wagers the most on instant/bingo games will become the king and win £25, the Queen (second place) will win £15 extra and the Jack of each will claim an extra £10.



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