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Written by: kelly on 09/05/2010 19:15
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I don't know about you but whenever we get off a train, or a bus, or even out of the car in the parking lot; this is the time when we always manage to find a penny or two on the ground. Why, we really don't know, we suppose this is just where the penny drops! But having learned a very important lesson about taking care of the pennies and they will take care of you, makes us stop and pick these pennies up. Now if you play at Red Bus Bingo and you take care of the pennies they will take care of you, because you can win pounds.

There are plenty of penny games up for grabs and in Pics For A Penny on a Wednesday they have a £30 prize on offer for 1p bingo tickets. Check it out and find games like these also available in Penny Lane. Play every day from 10am to 1am because this is where good luck reigns.

Speaking of reigns, if you think you are Red Bus Bingo Royalty get yourself into this gem of a promo. They are offering you the Crown Jewels on a platter if you are one of the top bingo and instant games players!

Your loyalty deserves to get you treated like royalty so every week you can win a share of £300 plus a 100% bonus on your next deposit! The King of Bingo wins £75 and a 100% deposit bonus, the King of Instants also wins £75 plus a 100% deposit bonus; while Queens and Jacks of both these games also earn their share of the free bingo bucks; plus bonuses. The timing of this competition is from one minute past midnight on a Friday till one minute to midnight on a Sunday - every week. So get your right royal treatment from Red Bus Bingo.


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