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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 22/10/2009 22:56

If you are looking for an online bingo site that welcomes you with warm and friendly as well as open arms, then look no further than Ladbrokes Bingo. This UK site has everything you could possibly want in online bingo, including a £20 bingo bonus when you register as a member. You have to make a deposit of a fiver to qualify and you also have to spend this money. But as soon as you have the £20 bonus is all yours.

Ladbrokes bingo used to insist that your first deposit was £10, but they changed this to a fiver a couple of months ago, and this really offers you value for money. A lot of people want to try playing online bingo, but can’t justify making a ten pound deposit, five is much easier to contemplate, especially in these cash strapped times. After all, playing online bingo is all about getting a credit crunching online bingo experience, so now Ladbrokes have taken this into consideration.

With games prices as low at 2p each, for a fiver you can get 100 tickets, and once you have registered as a pay for play member you can also take advantage of free bingo games. 2p bingo tickets can be purchased for 80-ball linked games at 8pm, speed bingo in the garage and 90-ball games in the attic, so if you aren’t sure what to spend your last 2p on (and there are not a lot of choices available) perhaps you should give some thought to buying a bingo ticket. It is a great way to turn your pennies into much bigger pounds. By the way if you are absolutely down to your last 1p, you can also find 1p games in the Attic at 1pm with £10 prize pools. You can’t beat odds like that!!

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