QEII High school Pupils Host Bingo Night to Help Solve 2.5% Budget Cuts

QEII High school Pupils Host Bingo Night to Help Solve 2.5% Budget Cuts

Written by: Richard Sharp on 12/10/2011 08:40

Teachers and pupils are set to unite for a charity bingo evening in a bid to raise funds for their school. The event will encourage parents and members of the local community to bring their daubers for an evening of light entertainment.


Queen Elizabeth II High School, on the Isle of Man has just entered a new academic year after a successful set of results from both their GCSE and A Level students earlier in 2011. Despite the high levels of success their school has experienced vast cuts in their budget, the fourth time in as many years that they have seen reductions on the amount they can spend on educating their pupils.

The school remains upbeat and is proactive in helping bridge the funding gap left by government and local education cuts. Head teacher Sue More said,"So far, we have managed to maintain extremely high standards, as you can see, thanks mainly to the dedication and hard work of all the staff of the school."

The cuts faced by the school, and many others, is roughly 2.5% compared to the 2010 academic year. When other factors, such as inflation, are taken into account this is more like 10% in cuts. The only way schools can cover this reduction is by holding fundraisers. The school has a bingo night planned, as well as an adults only school night and a themed dance.

Mrs. More thanked the schools School association for their continued support, explaining that their ‘frantic fundraising’ is vital to the school. 

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