Protesters continue to grow in number

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 30/06/2009 08:00

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve heard a lot of protests from the bingo industry about the recent tax hike. Well, until the UK government hears them out, they seem to be just going stronger and growing in number. A lot of protests are happening here and there. More and more people just continue to join these protesters. Now, Carlisle bingo fans join in on the campaign. Let’s learn more about this development below.

The bingo industry tries to get the attention of the UK Government. In order to do so, bingo insiders are taking legal steps to appeal to the government regarding the increased bingo taxes or duties. Carlisle bingo fans were happy to join in on the anti-tax campaign. There were over one thousand two hundred bingo enthusiasts who participated in the mass letter-writing campaign started by the bingo leaders, mostly the big operators of bingo. This campaign aims to save the game from fear of closure because of the high taxes that were recently implemented.

The 1200 signatures in Carlisle came from regular bingo players of Denton Holme’s Rex Bingo Club. Of course, when bingo clubs are threatened, so are the bingo players. They fear that the bingo club they have been going to for years will face closure if the tax continues to be at 22 percent. These bingo clubs have already become part of their lives. It is where they get their form of entertainment. It is where they’ve found new friends. And most of the seniors that play there, consider their bingo club their second home. It’s the only thing they do as retirees and pensioners. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that such number of people would be backing up the campaign. They consider the high tax increase of 22% like a kiss of death.

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