Profit Bingo in Guam One Step Closer

Profit Bingo in Guam One Step Closer

Written by: ava carson on 01/08/2012 12:00

The Guam Greyhound facility in Tamuning may have soon have the exclusive for-profit bingo as the Guam Election Commission goes through thousands of signatures submitted. The executive director of GEC, Maria Pangelinan commented: "At this point in time, I just got word from the staff that we have finished verifying the petitions”.

4,713 signatures were signed compromising 10% of all registered voters according to Pengelinan that have to be certified by the Commission.

The General Election is in November where the ballot will be presented and will accept arguments against the proposal. "If there is more than one argument, the Commission with the assistance of the legal counsel picks the most strongest argument for and against I believe and then those arguments get put into a pamphlet and it gets mailed out to the voters," she said.

Going through all the signatures is no easy task and whether the people are for or against the legalization of bingo voice of the people is being heard. "So proponents can come up and they can do due process where they can propose initiatives so the hard work is worth it. If that many people believe this should go forth, then I'm very happy to be part of the process to validate it and to get it on the election," she said.

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