Prep you Joy of Bingo Accounts for £1,500 Joy Xmas special - Risk Free Bingo!

Prep you Joy of Bingo Accounts for £1,500 Joy Xmas special - Risk Free Bingo!

Written by: Jeannie on 21/11/2011 08:45
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Wouldn’t it be great if you could play in a bingo game and not have to worry if you lost because all your money would be refunded? What if five bingo sites offered this in unison and stumped up a £1,500 prize fund. That would be joyous, wouldn’t it?


Okay enough of the cryptic stuff, we’ll come right out and tell you that the Joy of Bingo network are offering £1,500 risk free on the run up to Christmas!?

Joy Xmas Special…

The reason we are telling you about the games now is there is a little preparation involved. The first thing you’ll need to do before buying any bingo tickets for any of the games is that your email address is the same across all five Joy of Bingo sites. These include BingoStreet, Tasty Bingo, RedBus, Posh Bingo and Wink bingo.

There will be five post Christmas games which will keep the week between Christmas day and New Years buzzing no matter how much turkey you have left over. The first game will include a £100 jackpot with 1penny tickets, the second £200 with 2 penny tickets, the third£300 with 3 penny tickets, the fourth £400 with 4 penny tickets and the final game £500 with 5 penny per ticket.

Cash Back percentages

You’ll receive limited cash back if you play one of the games with progressively more for every game you play. Here’s the break down on the cash back you can claim back:

Cash back breakdown at Joy of Bingo



The bingo games start on boxing day at Bingo Street, progressing at the above bingo sites over the next four days until Friday 30th December. Each of the games plays at 10pm and you must play in them all to be eligible for 100% cash back.


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